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8 Ways We Maximize Your Membership

Reason No. 1: Motivation (WE KNOW MOTIVATION)

Exercising at home has can be wonderful, assuming you have zero distractions. Distractions? ... Well, there are the kids, the phone, the doorbell, the smartphone, the computer, the dishes, the laundry and a bunch of other items that can steal precious energy away from your fitness goals. No wonder so many people are unable to maintain a regular work-out regimen at home. The gym, however, is a dedicated place of exercise - a retreat! It allows you to escape from your day to day worries, and focus on YOU time! Plus, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are pushing themselves to for better health and fitness goals! This a lot more motivating than staring at a pile of laundry.

Reason No.2: Results (WE KNOW RESULTS)

We know that trackable results must be part of your personal health and fitness story. We want to help you feel great about yourself, and assist in helping you stay rejuvenated to tackle life’s obstacles! Helping you identify your goals and supporting you along the way are just a couple reasons why so many people trust our clubs. A little commitment goes a long way, and you deserve to feel great, live healthy and be happy!

Reason No.3: Expertise (WE KNOW FITNESS)

Exercise injuries happen most frequently at home. Unless you have a knowledgeable pair of eyes overseeing what you’re doing, you are likely to do more damage than good. We have certified trainers who can guide you with proper technique for the most efficient workout to make the most efficient use of your time. Our staff/trainers are on-hand to encourage, motivate and ensure that your form is on point.

Reason No.4: Personal Training (WE KNOW TRAINING)

Studies indicate that people who work out with a trainer are more likely to reach their goals and reach them faster, than those who don’t. We have over 40 certified professional personal trainers to meet you where you are at on your fitness journey, and customize a workout/fitness plan based on your individual needs. Our trainers guide and teach you along the way while remaining inspirational, supportive and affordable! The camaraderie and sheer fun you’ll experience are a bonus.

Reason No.5: Balance (WE KNOW BALANCE)

The key to lifelong health is turned by implementing a well-rounded, manageable schedule based on CONVENIENCE allowing you to balance work, family and ME TIME! We have three fitness centers, all conveniently located. We open early and close late to meet your schedule. Our Schererville club is even open 24 hours per day! We are also the only fitness centers to provide KidZone so you can work out, relax or just take a minute to breathe knowing the kids are safe with observant, caring, staff members who are trained in CRP/AED.

Reason No. 6: Spa | Stress Relief (WE KNOW GLOW)

In addition to all of the weight training, cardio and group fitness classes we provide, your body requires rejuvenation as well. Our fitness centers provide steam rooms and saunas, a swimming pool, relaxation areas and a spa. We even offer a juice and healthy snack bar for your post-work-out refueling.

Reason No. 7: Social Spot (WE KNOW COMMUNITY)

Our fitness centers are a place where you belong. Take a cardio, yoga strength or swim class and you may just form new friendships, and create an extended family, as part of your experience! Not looking to make new friends no worries, you can learn a lot just by looking around you. You’ll see new exercises, different combinations of exercise and training patterns that may be just the thing that you need to succeed. If you need any guidance, our Fitness teams are always here!

Reason No. 8: Price (WE KNOW VALUE) So long as you use it, your fitness center membership is a very good investment.

If you are coming three times per week, it will cost less than a cup of premium coffee for each visit! (For Real!!!) When you consider the range of equipment, the amenities, the instruction, and the guidance you get, that’s an amazingly great value. Equipping a decent home gym will run into the thousands – and still not provide you with the options that our club provides. So, there it is. Joining our fitness center family is simply the smartest, most effective route to your fitness goals.

So, there it is. Joining our fitness center family is simply the smartest, most effective route to achieving your fitness goals.