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Handwashing is a vital part of our everyday lives, but is even more important during certain times of year, like cold and flu season. But proper handwashing is not just for the winter months – it's a year-round good habit. 

In the first part of November, we collected your leftover Halloween candy and put it to great use! Members and Staff alike were encouraged to donate the leftover candy rather than do extra jumping jacks for a handful of M&M’s.

Stay up to date with all of the news and happenings throughout our three Fitness Centers. 

Wearable Technology provides accountability and motivation. Rewards effort rather than level of fitness. 

Schererville Members Win National Honors at United Healthcare U.S. Open Racquetball Championships and the duo won each bracket without losing a single game. 

15 years ago, Sandy Povlinski, an avid runner, began looking for a gentler way to exercise. We are happy her journey brought her to our Fitness Centers. 

Wondering how you can afford to eat a few pieces of Halloween candy and not completely blow your eating plan out of the water? We have a few ideas of how you can indulge with less bulge!

Join us at the club of your choice, between 9am-8pm. Free all day, including facility tours, educational booths, chair massages (Chesterton), refreshments and over $1,500 ...