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Celebrate the holidays in the silliest way by joining us in this fun event and help us flood our Social Media with holiday cheer! Can you rock the funniest sweater this year?

To help you focus on wellness during this busy season, we are posting an "exercise ornament" each day. Do the exercises at home when you have the time or do them at the Club and enter our challenge for a chance to win a prize! 

Group swim lessons are in full swing at our Chesterton location! These lessons are designed to teach water skills while developing mental and physical well-being. All levels of swim promote personal safety, stroke development and personal growth.

Earn your certification to teach American Red Cross swimming and water safety, and gain the skills needed to teach courses and make presentations to swimmers of every age and ability.

Diabetes can present itself in a variety of ways including and not limited to: frequently feeling thirsty, slow healing sores, or frequent urination. Family history, geography (eating habits or trends where you live), ethnicity, and age are all risk factors for diabetes.

Are you looking for an easy way to bring joy to others this Christmas season? Some local kids could use a little help and we've teamed up with Yost Elementary and Chesterton High School to see that they get it! Join us!

We are ready to help you prep for the holidays with strength exercises (so you can easily lift that 30 pound turkey in and out of the oven!), cardio training (enables you to chase the grandkids around the house) and more! Join us for this fun Fitness Challenge.

When you take a moment to stop and think about it - we all have something to be thankful for... families that love us, jobs that help us provide food and shelter, a pet that gives us unconditional love, beautiful weather, or even just the colorful fall leaves....the list is endless! Let's take some time this month to share our gratitude with others. 

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