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All of our Fitness Clubs are open with proper social distancing and safety measures. As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, Franciscan Health Fitness Centers continues to make decisions based on sound data in accordance with state and local guidelines along with member feedback. Contact us today to Schedule a Safety Tour and learn more about our COVID-19 safety procedures. 

COVID-19 Procedures

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Looking for a fitness program that doesn’t involve a gruesome workout on a treadmill? Aqua aerobics is a wonderful all-over body workout and a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the fantastic benefits of water.  

The Chicago Heights Club will be switching both the lap and therapy pools to salt water in the next month. Within the last five years, the Chesterton and Schererville pools have all been converted to salt water. Members have been happy with the differences the conversion made. 

We want to appreciate our members. This event will have raffle prizes, massage discounts (20-30% up to 3 massages), 10% off ALL branded apparel in the pro shop etc.

National Medical Fitness Week MOVE150 Challenge encourages us to be physically active at least 150 minutes per week. Simply pick up a MOVE150 card at the service desk and get moving. 

An event to celebrate the release of special United-theme workouts that were filmed by 400 of the world’s top LesMills instructors across more than 48 countries during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Joseph Pilates, the creator of the worldly popular Pilates exercises once stated, “Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles.” 

How much water is enough? Drinking water before you exercise or go out into the sun is an important first step.

Attention Runners and Walkers!

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