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Franciscan Health Race Training Program

Anyone can do it! Whether you start out walking, or have already competed in a few races, our Franciscan Health Race Training program is with you at every step! We offer a free downloadable guide with training tips and a race training journal. You’ll also receive weekly videos from our Certified Personal Trainers to help get you ready for your next 5K, Half, or Full marathon.

Each week your online personal trainer will guide you through:

✔ Printable running schedule
✔ Provide nutrition tips for improved performance
✔ Free downloadable weekly fitness journal
✔ Motivation and accountability

Franciscan Health is here to help you check ‘competing in a race’ off your bucket list.

Whatever your pace, slow and steady can still win the race!

Couch to 5k Race Training Program: If you're new to running, this is the least intimidating running schedule you'll find!

YOU determine YOUR pace!

Download our Free Race Training Guide

Fill out the form below to receive Franciscan Health’s 5k Race Training Guide and receive personalized emails beginning 6 weeks prior to your race. Our guide is perfect for all skill levels.

Meet Your Online Trainers

Meet Lisa and Jason! With over ten years of personal training experience, Lisa and Jason have helped many people of various ages begin and maintain a running regimen. Our certified personal trainers will lead you on a personalized online journey toward better cardiovascular health and improved racing performance.

"I know how it feels to be dissatisfied with your own health and I strive to help others find happiness within themselves through exercise."-Lisa

Lisa has been a certified personal trainer since 2015. Her goal is to help her clients become their healthiest most confident self through customized workouts.

Jason has spent over 10 years training both the general population and athletes ranging from grade school to mature adults. He enjoys using strength training to prove this to his clients every day.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t do.”-Jason

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