Massage Services

Massage Services

There are many different styles of massage, so it’s important to find the type of massage that’s best for you. Franciscan Day Spa offers massage therapy performed by qualified certified massage therapists. Let one of them recommend a massage treatment just for you.

Since The Franciscan Day Spa is by appointment only, your appointment is time reserved exclusively for you and we request that you acknowledge and respect our cancellation policy. Here is our cancellation policy to download and email or bring this document in: COPY & PASTE this link into your browser to VIEW:

Swedish Relaxation

Swedish Massage is a system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints. This full body massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and helps increase joint mobility.

Deep Tissue Body Massage

Stronger pressure is used with this sophisticated massage along with elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. Ideal for those experienced in massage or after a vigorous exercise session.

Sports Massage

Sports massage combines traditional massage with a variety of compressions, stretches, and cross friction technique focusing on muscle systems relevant to a particular sport.

Hot Stone Massage

A fusion of massage techniques involving the use of heated river stones. Stone therapy is a Native American Indian practice used since ancient times as a healing therapy. The use of stones aids the therapist to work deeper, giving relief to deep-seated muscle tension. Stones are known generators of energy, creating a sense of balance and calm.

Prenatal Massage

A Prenatal Massage can help reduce some of the discomforts of pregnancy. Lower back pain, sciatic pain, and calf cramping may be reduced.


Reflexology is the practice of stimulating points on the feet or hands to improve general health.

Ear Candling

This centuries old practice is used to relieve pressure, wax buildup, and inner-ear blockage. You experience no discomfort whatsoever as the vacuum helps to soothe and relax your ear.

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