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Help fight diseases by improving YOUR physical and mental health. Boost your immune system through regular physical activity. 

All of our Fitness Clubs are open with proper social distancing and safety measures. As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, Franciscan Health Fitness Centers continues to make decisions based on sound data in accordance with state and local guidelines along with member feedback. Contact us today to Schedule a Safety Tour and learn more about our COVID-19 safety procedures. Swim Lessons vary by location. We recommend calling your desired location prior to arrival for details.

COVID-19 Procedures

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Join this 4-week TRX Suspension Training Program! TRX is designed to make you engage your entire body to perform exercises, build overall muscular strength, endurance, and a rock-solid core.

Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Come join us.

All MyZone users will receive two invitations, one for each team at your primary facility. Open your MyZone app and choose which team you would like to represent.

Our Schererville location has been a part of the Northwest Indiana community for over 40 years. Reaching back almost as far is the Schererville Club’s 41+ Luncheon whether named as such because the Club is on Rt. 41 or because the attendees had to be over the age of 41, has been lost in the lore.

Experience Franciscan Health Fitness Centers by joining us March 16th for our Spring Open House.

Wearable technology or a simple post it note- WE GOT YOU! Rewards effort rather than level of fitness. 

One of the biggest changes this year is “Virtual everything! 

Looking for a fitness program that doesn’t involve a gruesome workout on a treadmill? Aqua aerobics is a wonderful all-over body workout and a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the fantastic benefits of water.  

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