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Summer brings the greatest variety of fruit and vegetables and, with the crops coming into stores, come choices about what to buy. Do you spend a little extra to get organic or stick with the usual produce? Here's some help for when you are making healthy decisions for your family.

 One great way to get your morning started and your sluggish body moving is morning stretching. Start with any of NASM’s 5 easy mornings stretches to jump start and unlock your body for the day.

Low back pain can result from an acute injury or from chronic overuse that leads to arthritis. This, in turn, can break down the fluid-filled disks in your spine that act as shock absorbers. Whatever the cause, there are some practices you can do to strengthen your back and keep lower back pain at bay.

Did you know that November is National Peanut Butter Month? Who can resist that peanutty smell and the way it sticks to the roof of your mouth... Here are 8 reasons you may want to find a way to eat peanut butter even more often than you already do.

Have you considered Bariatric or weight loss surgery? It's a big decision and a huge lifestyle change. Franciscan Health Fitness Centers is here to help you both pre- and post-op on your journey to better health.

Is detoxing healthy or hazardous? Here's what doctors are saying about this on-again, off-again trend.

There are many different opinions on just how much water you should be drinking every day. One thing we do know is, water is essential to good health. Are you getting enough? Let’s see if we can help you find out.

Flowers, candy and sappy greeting cards are all the rage this month but since February is also American Heart Month, it's a good time to take stock of what you are doing to keep your heart healthy.

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