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Once a self-massage technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists; foam rolling is now an everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness.

Do you find yourself sitting more than you used to? With many people working from home or even spending more time at the office, not getting enough movement to stay healthy is a daily challenge. Our Fitness Challenge this month is to get out of your chair (or off the couch!) and get your steps in!!

Bored with your regular exercise routine? Here's a chance to learn something new each week this month and when you find one that suits you - add it to your daily workout. Watch for a question on Social Media every Monday during the month of April, and let us know what exercises you want to see!

Just like humans, exercise benefits our pups in so many healthy ways – from their hearts to their brains. With training for them and self-discipline for us, your pet can turn out to be your best workout buddy!

Specialty sports call for specialty shoes. Here is a quick guide to what to look for in an athletic shoe. Don't forget to replace shoes when they become broken down and no longer support or fit your feet. When wearing shoes in a gym - be sure they are clean and dirt/salt free to lessen the wear-and-tear on both the shoes and flooring.

Can the excuses: Just get moving! You can come up with a million reasons for not being physically active. Some might even be valid. But know this: Stillness is bad. Roughly 3.2 million people die each year because of physical inactivity. Regular exercise, especially among older adults, is critical to good health. Here are some suggestions that can help you get moving again.

 One great way to get your morning started and your sluggish body moving is morning stretching. Start with any of NASM’s 5 easy mornings stretches to jump start and unlock your body for the day.

We have so much planned to celebrate the release dates of LesMills newest routines. What a great way to spend your week - working out with new music and new moves! If you haven't tried it yet - BODYPUMP is a barbell workout designed to get you lean, toned and fit. The combination of scientifically-backed moves, motivating instructors and great music helps you achieve much more than you would on your own.

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