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As more of us continue to work from home, we're likely to find ourseves sitting for prolonged periods of times. Take 30 seconds to feel better. Avoid the health risks of sedentary behavior. 

Looking for a class that will have you burning 600-800 calories and relieve your stress? Look no further than Cardio Kickboxing! Come shred some calories. 

Have you ever noticed how music affects not only your mood but also the pace at which you do things? The simplest things can make a difference in your day. What music can help you do isn’t just in your head – there’s scientific proof of what it does for your workout. 

UV radiation are invisible rays that are a part of the energy that is emitted by the sun. Read tips to protect your skin from the sun.  

What’s all the excitement? Have you seen our Myzone Leader board? It is a ranking of the Top 20 participants for the most MEPs earned in the month. Are you on the board? 

The first wealth is health according to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Regular exercise is one of the foundations of healthy living. Just like a healthy diet, exercise adds to good health and to a healthy immune system.

The best form of exercise is one you can do regularly. Adding interest to boring cardio is as easy as adding intervals! Interval training is simply adding alternating bursts of more intense activity with intervals of less intense activity (recovery). 

Getting muscle strength back with weight machines. It’s time to rebuild your muscles and the best way to do that is to start out with some resistance training. Resistance training is a form of exercise that improves muscular strength and endurance.