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Help fight diseases by improving YOUR physical and mental health. Boost your immune system through regular physical activity. 

All of our Fitness Clubs are open with proper social distancing and safety measures. As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, Franciscan Health Fitness Centers continues to make decisions based on sound data in accordance with state and local guidelines along with member feedback. Contact us today to Schedule a Safety Tour and learn more about our COVID-19 safety procedures. Swim Lessons vary by location. We recommend calling your desired location prior to arrival for details.

COVID-19 Procedures

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The Benefits of Dance

Dancing can be a fun and expressive way for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to stay fit. It’s a great cardio workout that has both physical and mental benefits. Zumba at Franciscan Health Fitness Centers is both a dance class and a fitness class that can provide a large calorie burn through concentrated aerobic activity.

Improve cardiovascular health with exciting and unique classes taught by high energy instructors.

Reduce stress through fun, upbeat workouts paired with motivating music.

Sculpt your body with non stop movement and learn easy to follow dance steps.

Get your cardio workout on and bust a move in style through Latin dance moves.

Dance Classes

Line Dancing

Move & Groove


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