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The Benefits of Yoga & Pilates

At Franciscan Health Fitness Centers, Pilates is focused on relaxing and strengthening muscles for toning your body, while Yoga uses the mind-body connection for improving the flexibility of your body and joints. Both provide a unique and positive approach to health and wellness.

Improve posture, alignment, balance and flexibility through a fun, stress relieving and low impact workout.

Build your core strength and develop lean muscles at our pilates classes. Classes are available for all ages and levels.

Reduce stress and anxiety with breathing exercises learned in one of our many yoga classes.

Burn fat with one of our more vigorous and fast paced Pilates or Yoga classes.

Yoga/Pilates Classes


Gentle Yoga

LesMills Virtual BODYFLOW

LesMills Virtual BODYFLOW

Mat Pilates - 45 min

Mat Pilates - 55 min

Morning Stretch



Pilates Bootcamp

Pilates Express

Power Vinyasa Flow

Rise & Shine Yoga

Silver Pilates

Tai Chi

Vinyasa Yoga Slo-Flo

Yoga Flow - 50 min

Yoga for Every "BODY"

Yoga, Core & More