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All of our Fitness Clubs are open with proper social distancing and safety measures. As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, Franciscan Health Fitness Centers continues to make decisions based on sound data in accordance with state and local guidelines along with member feedback. Contact us today to Schedule a Safety Tour and learn more about our COVID-19 safety procedures. 

COVID-19 Procedures

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The Benefits of Flexibility Training

Looking to achieve better flexibility? Through several different variations of classes such as yoga and pilates, and tai chi, you can make it happen. Flexibility training is important to any workout routine because it gives you a chance to stretch and warm up your muscles. It can also help you improve your balance and posture.

Promote relaxation and improve your range of motion

Improve athletic performance and activities of daily living

Combine with cardio training for added health benefits

Reduce the risk of pain and injury from other high impact

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Flexibility Training Classes


Chi Balance

Flexibility Formula

Foam Rolling

LesMills Virtual BODYCOMBAT

LesMills Virtual BODYFLOW

LesMills Virtual CXWORX

LesMills Virtual SH'BAM

LesMills Virtual SPRINT

Mat Pilates - 55 min

Morning Stretch



Yoga Flow - 50 min

Yoga, Core & More

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