Purposeful Training for Results

The Benefits of Functional Training

If you are struggling with real-life activities or day-to-day tasks, functional training may be for you. It incorporates movements into a fitness routine which makes it easier for people to live their everyday lives. Workouts focus on squats, lunges, bent-over rows, and balance exercises to help people in the real world.

Build stronger muscles

Improve balance and overall stability to reduce falls

Enhance balance and stability to decrease the chance of a torn muscle or injury

Enhance quality of life and improve your ability to complete tasks at work or at home

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Functional Training Classes

Body Sculpting




Cardio Mix & Sculpt

Chair Stretch & Strength

Combination Training

Cycle Strong

Cycling - 45 min

Dynamic Definition

Foam Rolling

Les Mills Tone

Low Impact Cardio Sculpt

Suspended Strength

Suspended Strength


TBC - 45 min

TRX Bootcamp