Purposeful Training for Results

The Benefits of Mind/Body Training

Mind/Body training at Franciscan Health Fitness Centers includes yoga, tai chi, and Pilates exercises which can help support your overall health and well-being. The goal of this type of training is to energize your soul while building increased balance, flexibility, and strength.

Revitalize inner energy and improve sleep

Understand the Mind/Body relationship to increase self-esteem

Alleviate anxiety, panic attacks, and depression through improved breathing skills

Reduce the stress of everyday life

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Mind/Body Training Classes


Chi Balance

Gentle Yoga

LesMills Virtual BODYFLOW

LesMills Virtual BODYFLOW

LesMills Virtual RPM

LesMills Virtual SH'BAM

Mat Pilates - 45 min

Mat Pilates - 55 min



Pilates Express

Power Vinyasa Flow

Rise & Shine Yoga

Tai Chi

Vinyasa Yoga Slo-Flo

Yoga Flow - 50 min

Yoga for Every "BODY"