Purposeful Training for Results

The Benefits of Low Impact Training

Low impact training at Franciscan Health Fitness Centers is great for people who want to get fit, but may have an injury, stress fractures, obesity, or pregnancy they need to monitor. It’s also good for people new to training. Low impact training can include walking, swimming and cycling to keep your heart rate up.

Burn calories and aid in weight loss

Prevent injury and protect against further damage from previous injuries

Improve overall cardiovascular health

Remain healthy and active at all ages and skill levels

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Low Impact Training Classes

Ab-solution Walking Workout

Aqua Blast

Aqua Blast - 45 min

Aqua Blast - 55 min

Aqua Flex

Aqua Flow

Aqua Motion

Aqua Tabata

Aqua Zumba - 45 min

Aqua Zumba - 55 min



Bone Builders


Chair Stretch & Strength

Core & More

Cycle Strong

Cycling - 45 min

Cycling 55

Deep H20

Deep H2O

Early Splash

Feeling Fit

Flexibility Formula

Foam Rolling

Generation Aqua

Gentle Yoga

H2O Challenge

H2O Moves

Hydro Strength

Les Mills Tone

Line Dancing

Low Impact Cardio

Low Impact Cardio Sculpt

Low Step & Sculpt

Mat Pilates - 45 min

Mat Pilates - 55 min

Morning Stretch

Movin Deep

New Wave Strength

Pilates Bootcamp

Pilates Express

Power Vinyasa Flow

Senior Bootcamp

Senior Express

Silver Cycle

Silver Pilates

Sit & Strength

Step & Tone

Strength & Balance

Suspended Strength

Suspended Strength

Tai Chi

Water Worx


Yoga DeStress

Yoga for Every "BODY"

Yoga, Core & More



Zumba & Zumba Toning

Zumba - 45 min

Zumba - 55 min


Zumba Toning