Purposeful Training for Results

The Benefits of Weight Loss Training

Weight loss training at Franciscan Health Fitness Centers combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to most effectively help our members reach their weight loss goals. We offer several training options including cycling, jogging, swimming, and dancing which can all serve as fun and motivational ways towards achieving weight loss.

Increase your metabolism or the rate which you process calories

Reduce anxiety and depression

Improved self-confidence while meeting weight loss goals

Reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease

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Weight Loss Training Classes


Cardio Dance

Cardio Mix & Sculpt

Chair Stretch & Strength

Core & More

Feeling Fit

Great Step Off

H2O Challenge

H2O Moves

Hyperkick & Strength

Les Mills Tone

Low Step & Sculpt

Move & Groove

Movin Deep

Step Reebok

Suspended Strength

Total Body Blast

TRX Bootcamp