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Girls Rising is a student-lead club focused on collecting donations of menstrual products for students at Chesterton High School. Your donations can make a difference!

Did you know that Yoga is beneficial for both our physical and our mental health? An added benefit, Yoga is also offered free at both Franciscan Health Fitness Center locations! If you haven't tried it, this is a great opportunity to see what Yoga can do for you. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Come join us.

Once a self-massage technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists; foam rolling is now an everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness.

With hot weather here and everyone trying to spend more time outdoors, we felt it was a good time for a water safety reminder. 

Summer brings the greatest variety of fruit and vegetables and, with the crops coming into stores, come choices about what to buy. Do you spend a little extra to get organic or stick with the usual produce? Here's some help for when you are making healthy decisions for your family.

Here's a great way to support the Franciscan Health Foundation's Center of Hope program to help victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, elder abuse and human trafficking.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the last Wednesday in May each year. We support and encourage our senior members every day for getting their workouts done either at the Club or at home!

Grab your MYZONE belt for May's monthly fitness challenge! We're having an inter-facility competition. Join a team and earn some MEPS!

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